"David Dean is a brilliant author! His seven basic principles of selling and living will change you from 'average' to 'leader' once you begin following them." 

Og Mandino, CPAE 
Author of The Greatest Salesman in the World

"This book is a tremendous winner!" 

Charlie "T" Jones, CPAE 

"I LOVED IT! And it covers all the fundamentals of good salesmanship!" 
Mary Kay Ash 
Founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics 
Direct Selling Association Hall of Fame

"Now Is Your Time To Win will inspire you! David Dean's book contains success principles you'll easily recognize, relate to, and assimilate. If you have a definite goal and apply these principles, you'll get into ACTION!" 
W. Clement Stone 
Combined Insurance Company of America

"Read it! It works! A great book to help you discover your true potential!" 
David J. Schwartz, Ph. D 
Author of The Magic of Thinking Big

"Now Is Your Time to Win is by a winner to anyone who wants to excel. Buy these concepts-use them daily-and I'll see you at the top!" 
Zig Ziglar 
Zig Ziglar, Incorporated

"David Dean is, without a doubt, one of the all-time great sales trainers and motivators in the 149 -year-old history of the Southwestern Company. His seven principles of success have had a dramatic impact on the lives of thousands of people already." 
Jerry Heffel 
President of Southwestern Company 
Direct Selling Association Hall of Fame

"As a professional speaker and sales trainer I look back on my life at the truly defining moments. One of the most important was in the 1970's after an extremely disappointing year in sales. I wanted nothing more to do with selling. My manager David Dean persistently shared his seven principles and challenged me "not to quit"! I'm glad I made the choice to continue in sales. The very next year I tripled my production and finished number one out of 7200 sales people."
Terry L.Weaver 
Marketing and Sales Institute, Inc.


Reading this book will be a waste of your time. 

Reading this book will be a waste of your time unless you are determined to change your life for the better, beginning right now, Not tomorrow or next week or next month. Now!

This marvelous volume, in one way, is its own worst enemy. Most books on selling, old and new alike, are dull. Reading them usually drains the most ambitious salesperson's positive mental attitude as he or she struggles through the usually obligatory chapters dealing with every step of the salesperson's routine from prospecting to closing. To get anything worthwhile out of most books on selling, one has to work very hard at staying awake.

Now Is Your Time To Win presents you with a different kind of challenge. Not only is David Dean, one of the nation's leading sales trainers, but he also happens to be a compelling writer! That's the problem and you should be forewarned.

From the book's opening sentence, you will be swept up by the trials and travails of this gutsy man's efforts to master the art of selling. And since he tells his story in such an easy-to-read style, the danger is that you will miss the thrust of his seven principles and lose yourself in this book as good entertainment.

So, how can you get the most from this goldmine you hold in your hand?

Read it through, the first time, for pure enjoyment. As you do, you will gradually begin to realize that you are in the presence of a very special professional who has been through every selling rejection and tribulation you have, and then some, and who has, through trial and experience, devised seven basic principles of selling and living that will change you from "average" to "leader" once you begin following them. Then go back and review each chapter.

Percy Whiting, Dale Carnegie's managing director for so many years, once wrote, "Any fool can learn from experience. It takes a smart salesman to learn from a book-and it pays."

Now Is Your Time to Win will pay off for you in many ways. It will certainly increase your commissions. It will put your career in proper perspective. It will launch you toward a career in sales management, if that is your goal. Most important, it will make you proud to be a salesman or a saleswoman, one of the most difficult, and yet most rewarding, professions on this earth.

This book will change many lives. What it does with yours is up to you.

-Og Mandino

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